How It Works

If you are looking for one miracle product, look somewhere else… because we have dozens that work. Cracked cell chlorella, red marine algae, organic spirulina, organic barley greens, organic kamut and many, many more!

If you are looking for one miracle concept it’s this – plants heal.

Even though artificial ingredients are often times cheaper, we will NEVER take short cuts with your health.

Here are just a few of the things you will NEVER find in Purium products:

•Artificial colors
•Artificial sweeteners
•Artificial flavors
•Excipients and fillers
•Excess sugar
•Excess fat


Customer Service: (888) 747-6733 / with any questions or concerns.

Business hours: M – F, 6 AM – 7 PM PST

Order Pick-Up hours: M – F, 9 AM – 5 PM PST

NEW Conference call line 

(712) 432-1917, pin code: 92126#

*Meet the Owners Consumer Education Call with Dave & Amy: Every Wednesday at 6 pm PST / 9 pm EST

*Business Opportunity Conference Call with David Litt: Every Thursday at 7 pm PST / 10 pm EST


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